A unique variety of corsage, made for you to your own desire, colour scheme and taste...

Examples shown here for: Bride, Groom
& Guests.

Generally of course, the bride's corsage is the largest and most flamboyant. The Groom's corsage also, is usually distinctly different and larger than others in the wedding party. You may also wish for distinguished members of your family (parents) to have corsage different or more ornate from your guests.

Whatever your desire, all corsage are made specifically for you, and according to your wishes for style, taste and colour scheme.
Our information pack shows more examples which will help and guide you. After you have indicated your wishes, we will send you images of our intended corsage designs for your approval.

Please note that designs including fresh flowers need to be prepared only a few hours prior to the wedding in order that their freshness does not deteriorate. If your location is distant from us, there are several ways around this, and we will be flexible in the method you wish:

We could travel and stay overnight prior to your wedding so that we can freshly prepare your corsage.

If the distance is not too great, you can collect from us or arrange for the collection via courier.

A third method is for us to make the corsage holders for you and provide a design idea for the flowers, for you to have prepared locally.

Alternatively, you may wish to choose a design which has foliage only, such can be prepared a day or so in advance without deterioration, meaning that they can be couriered to you, reducing your costs considerably. In such a situation, we would deliver in person, or use one particular, very reliable courier which we have utmost confidence in.
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