Because this is an area with wide scope, from European to full Japanese costume, we do not currently supply clothing. However we can give you extensive advice, including how to correctly wear a kimono and assist on the day if required.

Even if you intend to wear traditional European dress, the bride's hair can be styled and adorned in Japanese fashion, being perfectly in keeping with the theme. For more information about hair styles and ornaments please see next page.

Should you require help in purchasing Japanese costume, we can help you liaise with a well-respected manufacturer in Japan.

Hair Ornaments

These are expected accessories with the traditional hair styles, but you can also incorporate them into many other hair styles to enhance the theme.
There is a wide variety including, silver and fabric tassels, combs, ropes, ribbons and ties. Decorative Japanese hair pins and sticks, plus some types of combs are known as kanzashi.

Many types are available at Mamiko's web site,, where they can be purchased online.
Japanese hair decorations

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