We can provide you with separate elements of decoration, or even theme complete rooms for you.

We plan to expand the site to show individual elements, but as the aim is to achieve a style, it wouldn't be fair to expect anyone without this style knowledge to achieve it without assistance.

For this reason, we prefer to talk with you. In that way we can be sure you get the desired effect for your special day. Don't worry, we won't try to hard sell anything to you.

Shitsurae (Reception Decor)
This image shows an example of a reception greeting display. It features several flower arrangements, 'Good Luck' symbols, and a guest book. This guest book is hand-made with Japanese binding and customised specifically for your wedding. Much of this will be made especially for you and will be specific to yourselves only.

wedding guest book display
For your marriage ceremony
We can provide decoration for your marriage ceremony, dependant upon the location. Registry Offices will usually allow a table flower arrangement and possibly a floor standing arrangement. Decoration for a church wedding will vary. And if for example you are being married in an hotel, then the venue for your ceremony and reception may be the same. There is no single traditional style of Japanese wedding ceremony upon which to base the decoration, because Japanese wedding ceremonies varied, depending upon religion, time period and locale. However, we can provide suitable decoration for your choice of ceremony venue.

For your reception
Generally we would provide a main table display of decoration elements. There would also probably be a separate table display with guest book (as in the picture above). Then depending upon room size, we could also provide suitable flower arrangements, floor standing where needed.

The main display (an example pictured below) features many elements promoting 'good luck', 'future health' and fortune. The bride's corsage may also be incorporated into an element. This display may also be used to form the back-drop to a buffet spread.

wedding decoration and display

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