Japanese Marriage Hair Styles

The traditional Japanese hair style most Westerners think of is that of the Geisha. This all enveloping term usually covers both Geisha and Maiko. A Geisha is a fully qualified entertainer, whilst a Maiko is a trainee. The difference in their hairstyles, adornment and make-up is different but not immediately obvious to Western eyes. The Maiko's appearance is more flamboyant, whilst the Geisha is more reserved, befitting her position. Bunkintakashimada, the traditional marriage hair style is again different, but probably more similar to that of the Geisha and is worn with a white hat (Tsunokakushi).

The skill required to shape the hair in these styles should not be underestimated, it is incredibly difficult, and a dying art. In fact we know of only one person remaining (in Japan) who is capable of this coiffure at its highest level.

The wearing of the traditional marriage hair style is also complicated by the requirement to change clothes usually two or three times during the wedding day. Consequently, wigs are usually worn for this type of traditional marriage hair style.
Japanese wedding hair style

Japanese wedding hair style

The images (upper right) show representations of Bunkintakashimada (traditional wedding coiffure), only practically possible with a wig. Such wigs can be purchased on-line from Japanese web sites. Should you wish to purchase a wig in this way, we can give advice.

However, it need not be this difficult ....
Achievable Hair Styles

These are geisha hair styles and quite feasible to accomplish without a wig; some hair pieces will probably be needed though.

We can provide practical advice on achieving this style of hair.

Geisha hair style
Geisha hair style
Geisha hair style

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