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  Koke no Sono (Moss Eden)

John's favourite place in Japan. "I like the soft carpet and rich green colours of moss, and Koke no Sono has this in abundance. Set in the dappled shade of tall fir trees in the hills near Awazu, it's like a heaven on earth for me."

Koke no Sono is run by Takahiro Oishi a friendly man and eminent expert on the growing of mosses.

koke no sono (moss eden) 1
koke no sono (moss eden) 2

Getting there is not difficult; about 1½ hours by train from Kyoto to Awazu rail station and then a 10 minute taxi ride.
Tel: +81 (0)76-165-1162
Koke no Sono address

923-0324 Ishikawaken, Komatsushi, Hiyoumachi 52-1

  Hidaiya - Hida Takayama Folk-Art Hotel.

Mamiko's favourite ryokan (traditional hotel). This is an exceptional ryokan in the Japanese arts & craft style of very high standard.

Equally unusual, the management provide the perfect balance of respect and hospitality, whilst being very amenable.
Unlike many ryokans where the traditional etiquette and formality can be uncomfortable, here at Hidaiya, one feels very comfortable and at ease.

A beautiful house with onsen too, first rate!

Please note though, only Japanese is spoken here.
Guests must have at least one Japanese speaker.
Tel: +81 (0)577-36-2288   Fax: +81 (0)577-36-2488
Hidaiya address

506-0031 Gifuken, Takayamashi, Nishinoishikichou 3-1805-2


In restaurants in Japan you are always greeted with a polite welcome, but you get more than that here, the welcome is shouted by the waiters many times with great gusto - it creates a really good feeling and gives this place a great atmosphere.

We really recommend it.

Kimihiro Sakaedani is the owner, a friendly guy and it's his energy which is the driving force behind this restaurant which is well worth visiting if you are in Hiroshima.
Tel: +81 (0)82-249-9121

Kimihiro Sakaedani

730-0029 Hiroshimashi, Nakaku, Mikawachou 1-24

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Wooden Japanese Garden Lanterns
Authentically styled Japanese woden lanterns made in oak timber. Charming and designed for a long life, not just for Japanese type gardens, these look good in any garden.
Japanese Garden Lanterns

Hair Decoration
by Japanese Style

Mamiko's own web site, specializing in kanzashi hair decorations.

Toru Takamizawa - painter, graphic artist and musician. Toru's unique style of guitar playing is making him increasingly well known in the south of Wales and further a field also. freespace.virgin.net/toru.takamizawa/index.html


Acoustics and Noise
Building acoustic analysis, noise nuisance and sound system design and setup.

ESP Innovations - custom manufacturing for exhibitions and events.
Almost anything made to order. www.esp-innovations.co.uk

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