VAT is included in the prices shown on this web site.
Postage (carriage) costs and packing are charged extra at cost.

For larger projects, corsage, decoration, room theming etc., we require a 25% deposit to confirm the order. In the event of the order being cancelled, the deposit or part thereof is refundable dependant upon how much work has been done at our discretion. We must receive the balance of the sum due, at least one month before the marriage.
We reserve the right to cancel any order if completion of payment has not been received on time, and in such circumstances no refund will be made.

We make every effort to give as accurate a description and size on our products as possible. Some items, such as flower arrangements for example, are difficult to dimension specifically, so we show within the item's image an object, usually a 150mm (6") scale rule, to give a visual perception of size. Accordingly we reserve the right to not accept goods for return based upon the item being an unexpected size.

Likewise, there are technical difficulties, especially with printed media, to match the colours of original source material with the printed output and the visual display of the same in web pages; which will also appear different on different computer monitors and in different web browser software. We attempt to show as accurately as we are able, the visual representations of our products, but there will inevitably be variation between the actual products and how it is perceived in web pages.
"This web site" being: www.japanesestylewedding.co.uk.
Printing of pages from this web site for personal reference is permitted.
Saving or storage of images or any other content from this web site is not permitted.
Use or reproduction of any content from this web site, or derived from our printed paper media, for use on another web site, or in connection with, or related to any other business, as printed media, computer media, or in any other form is forbidden. Unauthorized copying, scanning, or any other method of reproducing our internet media, printed media, or our products is forbidden.
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