Japanese Candles

These are in the traditional Japanese shape. They are made from rice bran wax and have a burning time of approximately 30 minutes.
Height approx. 60mm (excluding wick)
Prices include VAT.   Postage is extra at cost.

Box of Japanese candles
Red candles
(order code JC-box-R)
£7.99 per box of 10
White candles
(order code JC-box-W)
£7.49 per box of 10

Japanese candle

Presentation Wraps

Pairs of candles (1 x white, 1 x red) in a cellophane presentation wrap, offering an attractive appearance for presentation or when giving as gifts.
Two types: plain or with mizuhiki.

Plain Wrap (left)
(order code JC-wr-P)
£1.89 each
Mizuhiki Wrap (right)
(order code JC-wr-Mi)
£2.99 each
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