Chopsticks (Hashi)

The chopsticks we sell are chosen because we feel they represent quality in style and price.

Prices include VAT.   Postage is extra at cost.
More chopsticks will be coming soon.

Chopstick Set (Hashioki "ha-she-oh-key")

hashioki - chopstick set

An attractive set of satin lacquered chopsticks and bamboo holder.
With subtle style and harmonious colours, these will grace any dining table and enhance your Japanese theme.  Length of chopsticks 225mm.

Chopstick Set  (order code H-OKI)  £3.45 per set

And here's an idea for also using
the bamboo base as a decoration.

Easy to Pick (Toribashi "Toh-lee-ba-she")

hashioki - chopstick set

The square cut and size give these bamboo chopsticks strong character.
The literal translation of toribashi is 'take chopstick', the meaning being 'easy to pick up (small things) ', due to the shape and longer length (270mm) over normal chopsticks.   We really like these.

Toribashi  (order code H-TORI)  £3.05 per pair

Split Chopsticks (Waribashi "Wah-lee-ba-she")

hashioki - chopstick set

Bamboo split chopsticks, common though out Japan. (These are not the cheap disposable wooden types from China most commonly seen.) Split chopsticks are made in one piece with just the top end still holding them together; the user pulls them apart to use them. A budget chopstick especially useful when a lot of diners need to be catered for. Waribashi means 'divide' or 'split chopstick'.   Length 210mm
These are extremely good value at this price for 25 pairs!

Waribashi  (order code H-WARI)  £2.50 per 25 pairs

Chopstick Pockets (Hashiire "ha-she-ee-lay")

hashiire - chopstick pockets

(Chopsticks not included, the image above shows sticks inside only for visualisation.)

Used on the dining table, the paper pockets are used to keep chopsticks clean, and is the usual method of presentation.
We have two types, small plain, and a larger version with the printed kanji "Aji", meaning flavour or taste. Both types have a coated inner surface.

Plain small   length 131mm
(order code H-IRE-S)
£2.00 per 25
Large plus kanji   length 191mm
(order code H-IRE-K)
£2.25 per 25

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