Orei (Thank you gift)

Orei are gifts given to wedding guests in thanks for attending your wedding.

In recent times (since the 1950s), these have tended to be more "glitzy" and perhaps a status statement.

Shown here is a traditional type of orei, in the form of a hand-made biscuit wrapped in a traditional fashion, again hand-made.

These biscuits are something we have adjusted to suit western taste. Traditional Orei are made from a gelatinous type of mochi rice with a very mild flavour (a good accompaniment to green tea), but generally though not something which suits the western palette too well. So we decided a biscuit would be more suitable. These are ginger flavoured (very much a Japanese flavour), and the kanji written in chocolate on the biscuit says "kotobuki" meaning "long life and happiness". Traditionally, prepared by the bride, this type of orei has a greater depth of sincerity and feeling.

If you wish to give a different type of orei, whatever type, we can help with advice, preparation or packing; and with as much involvement as you wish for yourself or us to take.

The biscuits are actually larger than shown here, approx. 90mm (3½") square.
£4.20 each
Prices include VAT.
Postage is extra at cost.

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